Notice Board

A special notice to all Short Term Rental units in Paris Place

Due to the high number of noise complaints involving short term rental units and in an effort to minimize those complaints, the Strata Council has decided to start reporting Short Term Rental units that are in breach of Vancouver City Bylaw Section 11.32.5 which states:

No more than two adults may occupy each bedroom used as Short Term Rental Accommodation.

Starting next week (September 20, 2021), Strata Council will report directly to the city of any unit that allows booking of more than 4 guests (for a two bedroom unit) or more than 2 guests (for a single bedroom unit). The Council will work together with Airbnb and Vancouver City representatives to inspect any unit that is found to be in breach of Vancouver bylaws and proceed with cancellation of their business license.

Thank you,
Strata Council

An update about Short Term Rentals in Paris Place

Dear Residents,

Varying from time to time, 10 – 15% of units are offered for short term rental. The majority of the units appear to follow the legal requirements from the City of Vancouver and Paris Place Strata. Although they represent a small percentage of the units, issues arising from short term units (mainly noise and garbage issues) utilize a very large percentage of management and strata council’s time.

In an attempt to deal with the complaints more efficiently, Strata is formalizing a process whereby all current and prospective STRs (short term rentals) must seek strata approval and acknowledge their understanding of the city and strata bylaws and commitment to comply, as specified by strata by-law 40(1), This will be done through an on-line application form that is accessible here:

For your reference, the City of Vancouver’s short term rental by-laws are available online here:

Paris Place bylaws and rules are available both on Bazinga and also on our website:

As noted in our by-laws, when there have been more than four complaints about a short term rental unit, council can require a ban on owners advertising and providing short-term rentals. This is done by our communication to the City of Vancouver and Airbnb.

As of this date, 34 letters (72% of of the total number of letters) have been sent to owners providing short term rentals informing them of complaints from other residents.

Distribution of bylaw letter since 30 March 2021

The City of Vancouver appears to be auditing Airbnb‘s units in Paris Place. It appears that our building has caught the attention of the city and we expect greater scrutiny going forward.

Section 11.32.2 in the city bylaws states that short term rental accommodation is only permitted in a lawful dwelling unit that is a principal residence unit.

“principal residence unit” means the dwelling where an individual lives, makes their home and conducts their daily affairs, including, without limitation, paying bills and receiving mail, and is generally the dwelling unit with the residential address used on documentation related to billing, identification, taxation and insurance purposes, including, without limitation, income tax returns, Medical Services Plan documentation, driver’s licenses, personal identification, vehicle registration and utility bills.

— From Vancouver city bylaws, section 11.32.1

On request by owners who are being negatively affected by noise and other issues, Strata council is doing its best to diligently track and enforce infractions.

Thank you,
Paris Place Strata Council & Management

In-suite Fire Alarm Test at 555 Abbott

Aug. 6/2021

Notice to Residents of 555 Abbott

Re: In-suite Fire Alarm Test

Please be advised that Chubb Edward will conduct an annual In-suite Fire Safety inspection and Fire Alarm Test in all units at 555 Abbott on Tuesday, Aug. 10/2021 between 9:00 am. and 2:00 pm. Please stay at home to provide access or sign and return the access authorization form to allow management to provide access into your suite. It is mandatory to test all in suite devices

Please disregard paging and the fire alarm bells you may hear intermittently during testing. In case of real fire alarm, an announcement will be made.


Power Shutdown Fri. 11: 00 pm July 30 – Sat.4:00 am July 31/2021

July 28, 2021



Further to our notice dated July 6/2021, this is to remind you that the second full power outage for Paris Place is scheduled From 11:00 pm. Friday, July 30, 2021 to 4:00 am. Saturday, July 31/2021.
This is a mandatory program carried out once every three years in order to maintain and improve the reliability and integrity of the electrical system.

Limited power will be supplied by the building emergency generator during the shutdown. There will be only one elevator running at 183 Keefer and none at 555 Abbott while this work is being performed.

Please save all your computer files and unplug your sensitive electronic equipment prior to the shutdown to avoid damage that may be caused by power surge.

All residents with independent alarm monitoring companies will be responsible for advising them accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.