Security Concern

Notice to Residents of Paris Place


Re:   Security Concern


In the last few days, we noticed few vehicle break-ins in Paris Place P1 and P2 Parking. 


Please do not leave any valuables or any visible items in your car that may increase the chance of break-ins.   Also,

* wait for the gate to be fully closed before driving away.


*Do not let anyone follow you into the building.


*Do not let anyone unknown or pretending to be a delivery personal to enter the building.


*Make sure the doors are fully closed before proceeding as strangers are always looking to grab the door and sneak inside.


*Report suspicious activities to security 778-989-4256, or to management 604-899-8869


* If your car is broken into, Call police at 604-717-3321 and report the incident. 

Reporting such incident is very important as police allocates patrol services to the neighborhood based on the number of reported crimes.


Thank you.