FOB Audit Today (15th JAN) –   32nd – 20th Floors

This is a reminder for all owners and residents on floors 20 to 32 to bring all your Fobs, Access Cards and your Visitor parking passes TODAY (15th JAN) between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to the on-site management office for registration and renewal. 

All non-audited fobs and access cards will be disabled and deleted from the system after February 28/2022 which is the cut off day for fob audit.  Only Fobs that are originally issued by the Strata Corporation are Valid.  Copied fobs and the original fob used to generate the copied fob are invalid and will be automatically disabled.  Residents are advised not to copy fobs as this will compromise the security of the building.

Please note that the maximum number of Visitor Parking Pass allowed per unit is two.  One pass is renewed for free and the second pass can be renewed for $10.00.  The pass must be original.

New pass can be obtained for $20.00. 

A fob can be obtained for $30.00

 For more information, Please call Del at 604-899-8869 or email to



Drain blockage and backflow prevention

Re: Do not dump Pour Cooking Oil, Grease and Vegetables into your kitchen drain

Please do not pour cooking oil, grease, vegetables and plastic bags into your kitchen sink.
Grease is the main cause of kitchen drain blockage. Instead, pour the grease into a container and dispose of in the organic bins when it is solidified.

Instead of using a garburator, please recycle all organic matters and food scraps in the garbage room in P-2. Get rid of the garburator and connect it directly to your sink drain whenever you have a plumber for plumbing repair and maintenance. It is not needed as we now recycle organic materials.

Get a drain strainer to keep off small pieces of food from your sink drain.
Boil some water and pour it down your sink occasionally to wash away grease and dirt build up inside the drain pipe.

We ask all residents to pay attention to this matter in order to prevent sewage backflow, property damage, huge cleanup cost and inconveniences to all who may be affected.

If you see any sign of backup, call the building manager at 604-899-8869 during regular office hours. Call Colyvan’s 24 hours emergency line at 604-683-8399 or call a plumber immediately.

Thank You