Keefer Circle Water Shutdown Update

April 17/2022 

Time 9:45 pm

The plumbing problem on Keefer Circle is isolated.    At this point only one unit will lose water supply partially until April 19th. .  Water supply to all other Keefer Circle units is restored.



Water Shutdown, Keefer Circle

Due to Emergency Plumbing Repair and Maintenance, The water supply for Keefer Circle unites is closed temporarily.  We are working diligently to figure out the cause of the flood that started on 3rd floor Keefer, to repair and  to restore water supply to the affected suites as soon as possible. We also have  restoration company onsite to deal with the emergency work


Roof Replacement at 555 Abbott

April 6/2022


Notice To All Residents of Paris Place


The roof replacement project at 555 Abbott is in progress.  Our roofing contractor, Flynn Canada Ltd. is currently in the process of tearing off the old roof and removing debris away from the site.  Once this work is complete, preparing concrete substrate and power washing will follow to further prepare the roof for the application of a primer, a base coat and a top coat with a Sikalastic 641 product.  The work will be performed during regular work hours permitted by the City of Vancouver.   Residents of 555 Abbott are advised to stay away from balconies and patios during work hours as residue and particle will suspend on the air and settle on the balconies, patios and any horizontal surface.  There may be moderate and intermittent noise occasionally due to activities on the roof.  Management will notify residents whenever high noise level is expected.




Construction Noise – Abbott Roof Replacement

Attention Residents of 555 Abbott St.

Please be advised that Flynn, our roofing contractor is in the process of replacing the roof of 555 Abbott.  As a result, you may hear moderate construction noise intermittently for about one month.


Water Shutdown 3rd. to 5th floor Keefer Circle units

Notice to Residents of Paris Place


Attention:       Residents on Keefer Circle

 (301 – 307/401-407 and 504-507)


Re:   Water Shutdown, Wednesday March 23/2022


Due to plumbing renovation in suite 407, water Supply to the abovementioned units will be shutdown on Wednesday, March 23/2020 between 10:00 am. and 11:00 am.  


Sorry for the inconvenience,