Parkade Power Washing

July 19, 2024


Re: Parkade Power Washing


Please be advised that the residential parking area of Paris Place will be pressure washed on the following days between 9:00 am. and 5:00 pm.


Power Washing Schedule


Saturday Aug. 3, 2024            P1 – Parking Stall #174 – 209 and P2 Ramp


Sunday Aug. 4, 2024              P2 – Parking Stall #1 – 52 and   83 – 132                                                    

Monday, Aug. 5, 2024             P2 – Parking Stalls #53 – 82 and 133 -173


Please move your vehicle out of the parkade before 9:00 am on the day your parking stall is scheduled for cleaning. 


A reminder to all residents that parking spaces are not to be used for storage of any kind.  Please remove any item stored on your parking stall.  






Elevator service delay at 183 Keffer place

July 11/2024,   5:07 pm


Attention:  Residents of 183 Keefer Place.


Re: Elevator Delay


Currently only one elevator is working at 183 Keefer Place and as a result you may experience elevator delay.   Elevator Technician is on his way and hopefully service will be restored soon.


Sorry for the inconvenience.



Junk Removal

July 8/2024


We will bring a junk bin on Thursday July 18, 2024 to help residents of Paris Place get rid of their junk.  The bin will be placed at the right side of the loading bay until Monday July 22, 2024.

If possible, please dismantle the junk for a maximum usage of the bin.

Unless when a junk bin is provided by the Strata Corporation, residents must remove their own junk away from the property at their own cost.

Do not throw cardboards, garbage, food waste and recyclables into the big junk bin

Cardboards should be flattened and placed in its own recycling bin and other recyclables have to be sorted out and deposited into the appropriate bins located at the loading bay.

Please note that the green cardboard bins will be temporarily moved to loading bay B, to the left side of their former location to accommodate the junk bin.

The next Junk removal will be at the end of December 2024.



Thank you for your cooperation.



Gas Fireplace Servicing, Monday June 24, 2024

June 13/2024

Re:  Gas Fireplace Servicing 


For efficiency and safety reasons, it is recommended to have your gas fireplace cleaned up by a licensed professional.  This work is the responsibility of the strata lot owner.   You may call any qualified service provider or sign up for a discounted group rate.  If you are registered for a group rate, Alba City Gas Services will provide the services listed below for $100.00 plus GST/unit.  Parts if required are extra.   Cleaning is scheduled for Monday, June 24/2024 between 9 ;00 am and 2:00 pm. for the first 10 suites.   If you are interested, please contact Del by email or call at 604-899-8869 before June 20/2024.



  • Carbon Monoxide Spillage
  • Clean Burners, Orifices, Aeration Ports, Flame Sensor
  • Cleaning Out Shale from Burners
  • Remove Lint from Orifices & Aeration Ports
  • Check all Visible Pipe Work & Controls for Gas Leaks
  • Check Gas Burner Pressure-Adjust if Necessary
  • Check Integrity of Firebox
  • Clean Glass & Vacuum Unit
  • Check Gaskets & Seals
  • Check Burner & Firebox for Cracks
  • Test Safety Devices for Fail Safe
  • Thermopile Output
  • Clean Logs & Firebox
  • Replace Embers
  • Expert Advice on Appliance Operation


Thank you,


Hot water Restored

May, 15, 2024

To Residents of Paris Place

We are pleased to inform you that the hot water system repair is complete and that the hot water temperature is back to normal throughout the building.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the process of restoring the hot water.


No Hot Water at Paris Place

May 15, 2024

Please be advised that due to equipment failure, currently there is no hot water in the building.  

We are working diligently to repair the equipment and restore the system as soon as possible.



Foggy Windows will be measured on May 17, 2024

May 8, 2024

To all Residents of Paris Place

Please be advised that the measuring of the foggy windows scheduled for May 10, 2024 has been postponed to Friday May 17, 2024.  So far, only 16 suites have reported having foggy windows. These windows will be measured on Friday May 17th between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. if access is provided or if management is permitted to provide access for the contractor.  Replacement of the foggy windows will start in June.

Thank you,


Sauna repair update

May 2,2024

Attention Residents of Paris place

The sauna Control Panel/Switch is replaced and the the sauna is ready for use.  

Please always use your finger to turn on the sauna, to set up the timer and the required temperature.   Do not poke the Control Panel with an object.  If you do so, it will be easily broken.


Thank you,



Sauna Control Panel

Attention: Residents of Paris Place

Please be advised that the damaged sauna control panel will be replaced this week and the Sauna will be functional soon.   We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced while we we were trying to have this part replaced with more durable part that can not be easily vandalized.  We will update you as soon the part is replaced.

Thank You,


Dryer Duct Cleaning Schedule

April 23/2024

Notice to Residents of Paris Place


Re:   Dryer Duct Cleaning


Please be advised that City Air Duct Cleaners Inc. will be onsite to clean the dryer ducts and vents on the day specified below between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm.



Tuesday, April 30/2024

32nd. -19th.  Floor

Wednesday, May 1/2024

18th. -12th.  Floor (plus all Rope Access areas)

Friday, May 3/2024

11th. -3rd.  (183 Keefer Place)

Thursday May 9/2024

8th – 3rd.  floor ( 555 Abbott)


The duct cleaning helps your dryer to work efficiently and to dry your cloths faster.

The Strata Corporation will cover the cleaning expense.  Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this arrangement.

Prior to the cleaning, please remove all items stored in the laundry closet and make sure that the exterior vents above your balcony decks are easily accessible and with no obstruction.  

You must stay at home to provide access for the cleaning crew or sign and return the suite entry authorization form distributed earlier on or before Monday, April 29/2024.


Thank You,





Foggy Windows

March 18/2024

Re:  Foggy window

Please inspect all your windows and report to Del by email,  if your window contains moisture between the window panes, or if it appears to be foggy.  The glazing contractor will be here to measure the foggy windows on Friday May 10, 2024 between 12:00 pm. and 4:00 pm. Foggy windows replacement will start in June.

Thank you.