Specification for window covering.



Notice to Residents of Paris Place

Re:  Specification for window covering 

We have noticed that some residents have installed drapes which are different colour from the original building specification for window covering. 

Please be advised that Bylaw 3(5)(b) of the Strata Corporation’s Bylaw prohibit hanging drapes or blinds which are a different colour from the original building Specifications.  The original building Specification colour for window covering is #112 Alabaster by Levolor.

Accordingly, we ask residents to conform with the Bylaw and maintain uniform appearance of the building exterior.  Violation notice will be issued starting March 15/2024 for those who do not comply with the Bylaw.

Thank you,



Swimming Pool is Open  

Feb. 16-2024


Attention Residents of Paris Place


Re:  Swimming Pool is Open


Maintenance and repair of the swimming pool is now complete, the temperature of the pool is at a comfortable level and the pool is open for use.

Please help to keep the facilities clean and pleasant for everyone.

A shower before swimming or enjoying the spa makes it much nicer for others and wearing rubber sandals will prevent unnecessary dirt being tracked into our pool or spa.

Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.


Thank You,




Swimming Pool closed

Feb. 13/2024

Re:  Swimming Pool Closure

Attention Residents of Paris Place

The heater valve serving the swimming pool is not functioning properly and as a result the swimming pool temperature is low and not suitable for use.   The swimming pool will remain cold until the valve is repaired or replaced.   You may use the Spa, the Sauna the gym and the washrooms.  Please avoid using the swimming pool until further notice.

Thank you,


Visitor Parking Pass Renewal

Visitor Parking Pass Renewal

Please be advised that Visitor Parking Passes will be renewed starting Monday Jan. 22/2024 until January 31/2024. 

Passes with previous year’s decal will not be valid after Jan. 31, 2024. 

One visitor parking pass will be renewed to each suite at no charge and a second Visitor Parking Pass can be renewed for $10.00.  You must bring your visitor parking pass along.

Cost of a new pass or replacement of a lost Pass is $20 per pass.

The Visitor parking pass is only to be used by Visitors and it is valid for parking stall# 304 – 325.   The pass must be displayed with suite number and valid year decal clearly visible from the windshield.   



Thank you,






183 Keefer Place, Elevator Service update

This is to inform you that the water has been extracted from the elevator shaft and  2 of the he 3 elevators have been running since 2:00 pm today.  Technician will return tomorrow to repair the 3rd one.  Thank you for your patience and understanding when the elevators were out of service due to the flood.


Temporary Elevator Outage at 183 Keefer Place update

Our attempt to restore the elevator service tonight was hampered by shortage of emergency service personnel and equipment as there are many similar incidents due to flood caused by frozen pipes.  However, this service is arranged for tomorrow morning and we hope that the elevator service will be restored tomorrow by noon.




No Elevator Service at 183 Keefer Place

Today at around 7:40 pm,  a sprinkler pipe located inside Stairwell #4 on ground floor near the security desk burst and flooded the main lobby of 183 Keefer , the P1 and P2 Lobby as well as the elevator shaft disrupting elevator service in the building.  The sprinkler pipe is turned off and elevator technician and restoration service providers are on their way.  Please take the stairs while we are working diligently to restore elevator service.


Loud Noise, Power washing at 714 – 555 Abbott

Attention:  Residents of 555 Abbott

Re:  Loud Noise

Date:  Monday Jan. 8/2024

Time:  10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Please be advised that the Balcony of 714-555 Abbott will be power washed on Monday January 8/2024 between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. and as a result you may hear loud noise intermittently on the above date and time.


Heat and Hot Water Shutdown

Dec. 18/2023


Notice to All Residents of Paris Place


Re:  Heat and Hot Water Shutdown

Date: Thursday, Dec. 21/2023

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Please be advised that due to plumbing maintenance and repair, the building heat will be temporarily shut down on Thursday Dec. 21, 2023 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.  As a result, there will be no heat and no hot water during the above specified date and time.

Residents may use the Gas Fireplace as alternative source of heat for the time being.

Shutdown time could be shorter if all goes well as planned.

This work will not affect cold water supply.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




Junk Removal Bin

Junk Removal Bin

A junk bin will be placed at the loading bay from Dec. 23 until Dec. 31, 2023.   Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this temporary service and get rid of any junk.  If possible, please dismantle furniture to maximize the junk bin’s usage.  Please note that contractors, or residents performing renovations are not allowed to use this bin.  They have to remove construction materials and debris at their own expense as per the building’s bylaw.


No Heat on south Side of 555 Abbott

Please be advised that due to equipment failure, there is no heat for suites on the south side of 555 Abbott, ( 308-311, 408 -411, 508, 511, 608-611, 708 -711 and 808 – 811)  Heat will be supplied tomorrow after repair is complete.



Security Alert

It has been noted that residents are not paying attention when exiting or entering  the building  giving the opportunity for people waiting around the entrance to grab the door and enter into the building.   We ask everyone to use their fob and to make sure the front doors are fully closed before proceeding.  Do not allow access to any unknown person who claims to be a resident or a delivery person.