Fob Audit and Visitor Parking Pass Renewal

Jan. 5/2022

Notice to Residents of Paris Place

Re:   FOB Audit and Visitor Parking Pass Renewal

In order to prevent unauthorized access to the building, management will audit all the key fobs and access cards issued to residents of Paris Place.   The Fob Audit and the Visitor’s Parking Pass Renewal will be conducted according to the schedule listed below on the following Saturdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Please note that due to the volume of work involved, we have made a schedule adjustment which is slightly different from what was stated on the December 2021 Newsletter.

You must bring all your Fobs, Access Cards and your Visitor parking passes to the on-site management office for registration and renewal.  All unaudited fobs and access cards will be disabled and deleted from the system after February 28/2022 which is the cut off day for fob audit.  Only Fobs that are originally issued by the Strata Corporation are Valid.  Copied fobs and the original fob used to generate the copied fob are invalid and will be automatically disabled.  Residents are advised not to copy fobs as this will compromise the security of the building.

 Date Floors 

Saturday, January 15/2022                      32nd – 20th Floor

Saturday, January 22/2022                      19th – 10th. Floor

Saturday, January 29/2022                      9th -3rd. Floor (183 Keefer)

Saturday, February 5/2022                      8th – 3rd. Floor (555 Abbott)

Please note that the maximum number of Visitor Parking Pass allowed per unit is two.  One pass is renewed for free and the second pass can be renewed for $10.00.  The pass must be original.

New pass can be obtained for $20.00. 

A fob can be obtained for $30.00

 For more information, Please call Del at 604-899-8869 or email to


Thank you for your cooperation.



Junk Bin

To all residents of Paris Place      

Best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year. 

Junk Removal Bin

A junk bin will be placed at the loading bay from Dec. 24 until Dec. 31, 2021.   Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this temporary service and get rid of any junk.  If possible, please dismantle furniture to maximize the junk bin’s usage.  Please note that contractors, or residents performing renovations are not allowed to use this bin.  They have to remove construction materials and debris at their own expense as per the building’s bylaw.

Christmas Trees

Due to fire hazard and litter control, Live Christmas trees are not permitted in Paris Place.  Please use an artificial tree for this occasion.


Newsletter, Dec. 2021

Paris Place Post  Dec. 2021


Sanitary Drain Cleaning

We have completed cleaning and flushing the main sanitary lines of the building.  This is to ensure smooth flow and to prevent backflow of sewage.  Please do not pour cooking oil and grease into your kitchen sink. Use a strainer on your kitchen sink and recycle all organic materials instead of using a garburator and flushing it down the drain.


Attention Pet Owners

The courtyard is for the enjoyment of all residents.  We kindly request pet owners to be considerate of others and refrain from allowing their dogs into the courtyard.   Also please note that your dog must be licensed by the City of Vancouver and must be registered at the onsite office.  For more information, please refer to Paris Place Pet Bylaws.


Balcony Drains

To ensure proper drainage, please clean your balcony and keep the drain free from dirt and debris.  To avoid dripping of dirty water onto the lower floors, balconies should only be mopped instead of washing.


Junk Bin

Starting from Dec. 24 until Dec. 31/2021, a junk bin will be placed at the loading bay for residents to dispose of their junk.  If possible, please dismantle furniture so that the junk bin space can be used efficiently.

Merry Christmas

And Happy New Year to all Residents of Paris Place


Fob Audit and Parking Pass Renewal.

For security and safety reason, fobs must be audited from time to time.  We are planning to do the fob audit and the renewal of visitor’s parking passes outside of the regular office hours on the following Saturdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm:      Saturday, Jan. 15/2022, 32nd floor – 15th. floor.    Saturday, Jan. 22/2022, 14th floor – 3rd floor Keefer and Saturday Jan. 29/2022, all units at 555 Abbott.    You must bring all your fobs issued to the unit and your visitor’s parking passes to the onsite office according to the above schedule.  Please wear your mask and follow all Covid-19 Protocol when you come for the fob audit/parking pass renewal. 


Paris Place Website

To provide you fast and efficient services, the strata corporation is currently following a process of digital transformation and as a result many services are now available online through our portal website:

As part of this process, we ask all owners to update their profiles by using the following link:

If you have not yet registered to the Paris Place Portal, you will have to do so before being able to update your profile. You can register to the portal by following this link:


Loud Construction Noise

Dec. 14/2021


Notice to residents of Paris Place


Loud construction Noise

Due to curtain installation in suite 503, you may hear loud construction noise intermittently on Friday, Dec. 17, 2021 between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.